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Is burning the sun
7:35 p.m. 2005-04-24

"But i will be there when you're all alone."
And did you know that there have been signs of hope lately? Hiding in the hints of perfection in the tones of your voice, and the shining grace of your eyes looking at me. Symbolic of your giving up I can only picture the ring lying forgotten beside your bed. And in exchange for my chance at fame I will give you nothing in return. You are a burning soul in the rain and the posturing must end here and now. I've been trying to find the words to make you understand, words to sit you down and lift you up and make you change. I've been trying to alter you with lyricism and sculpted phrases. I've been trying to touch your soul.
Have you noticed?
Lately there's been a halo over the moon reflecting the color of your eyes and the temptation of old old memory. Lately i've been saving up all my sin for you. And did you know that lately there's been nothing to hold onto but the feeling and the spark of light in this dark night?
Because of you.
It was inevitable really this fragmenting of hearts in shapes mimicking your soul. And you are stripping away my pretty pretty words with claws and fragrance. In the inundation of rain you were framed glittering clear in the faceted starlight. You are like knives. And I will collapse beside you.
It was meant to happen anyway.
And maybe your heart is still here, hiding underneath the trees waiting. But the footsteps are fading and the whimsy sets in relieving and reliving with terror and a seemingness of something new. In the sunset we see a new dawn. But it was never real until....
Regardless of the way it turns out the snapshot-secondglance will steal hearts long after the redemption sets in. You will make them fall in love with you moments before they realize you don't exist anymore. Because its a shade of gray that haunts your eyes now and I wish i wish i fucking wish it was different and that I didn't feel this way. So just burn out, it doesn't matter.

Your fucking apathy

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