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In exclamation
7:11 p.m. 2005-04-12

Your smile fanning over flames to create a symbolic rift between us. Stain the walls with tears in the shape of love to mingle our blood with our final attempt at something better. Spill your regrets over a canvas and paint us a portrait dictating your shame to the world. Today felt like you crushed me and today felt like you slipped away and today... well today I realized I don't have to think about you anymore. So i'm going to the park in the last hours and I'm singing my song in the twilight and I'm wondering what happened to create these patterns in the snow. Holly you're gone and I love knowing that I've let you go for good this time. Diane... I just don't know and I never do so what's the point. Lizzie you don't mean a thing. So come on and walk with me through the snow and we'll figure out what went wrong with all of this/

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