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To hell with you and all your friends
12:53 a.m. 2005-04-10

Underside swept the revision of history in which you never failed and hope never abandoned you sidestepped on the highway and the causeway shuddering underfoot. Neither this nor inevitability will change the fact that you are flawed and that your friends are no better. So you never read my writing anymore. So you never even cared at all. Against the window the haunt is scraping fingers out of flesh in a mentality derived from apathy and the sensation of freezing that causes lips to move and eyes to close. And I've got a bad feeling about this. A decade from now you'll be the same singing the songs 'anyone will do tonight anyone will do tonight' and a year from now you'll be wrapped up close in your sins and his arms. Well picture me the same when you're bleeding on the sidewalk i'll be whispering secrets behind in the alleys and every dirty halo of light from every fragile streetlamp will project my evil soul on the cement and the cracks in between are measured. Protracted suicide from conjecture and bloodshot eyes rimmed by smoke and a desperate dismay and slight disbelief. I promise you I'll be alone and there's no reason to go on. So you don't understand a single word i'm saying. So this record is set on repeat and will be until the day the sunset falls over deafened ears grown numb from disinterest. Does it move you? She said.... He said.... we all said so many fucking things and you'll wind up happy right? Because sometimes we just want what's best for ourselves. Well I don't. And after all of this why am i determined to continue this cataclysm? Fuck it. And what do you do when the thing they all aspire to so highly makes you sick to your stomach? Misspell my name in letters addressing the rift between us and the professions of love that never meant a thing. Don't get me wrong this is finished but didn't you know that I hate it all? Its nights like these when it would be better to burn than spend another day in a world so fucking pointless. And to be honest I have nothing to complain about. Life is good and I hate it.

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