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To Me
12:19 a.m. 2005-04-09

Draft the correspondence of lost souls in black ink and wistful thinking. Set these letters afloat in the river as the sun cries out for salvation gasping as it expires. Burn these words to soft smoke and an irrevocable sense of serenity as the melodies of a thousand lovers intertwine in the water. And pour out your humanity to the deaf in tones of tenderness contorting truth to create meaning out of this void that we will love. Untitled unnamed this dejected winter will fade into past as existence transforms sunlight from your window into patterns on your wooden floors. And I'm sitting in your bedroom. I'm sitting here knowing full well that this will never happen again. Because as wonderful as your smile could be it just doesn't matter any more. Do you know how that feels? Does it matter? I'll stand by your side the haunt of past romance and I'll whisper in your ear so you know you'll never be lonely. And I'll learn to stay out of your way because timing is everything. You have such beautiful eyes. Do you die knowing that these words will never be for you? Lately I've been questioning the significance of the times spent outside your window whispering your name in passing hopes that you'll hear me in the wind. And lately every chorus is for you. If this all works out and aversion becomes suicide how will I explain these scars? The walls of that house were so vivid and in remembering we learn what we forget as the river crawls on across the carpet of your floors. And I'm not saving any of it for you, not anymore. Its all so fucking temporary... isn't it? Play this lovestory backwards and it will show you the meaning of everything we ever loved and everything we ever lost. On repeat this song will drown you out forever. Liar. Lover. You're so many things... but the truth is you are nothing.

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