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Someplace I can go
12:48 a.m. 2005-03-30

A reaffirmation of everything we love and everything we dread. I guess its not as simple as all of that. And the monsters we've created, they are a black and white screen emitting our dreams under the table. Do we dare hope? I died once in your arms and this time I will walk away bleeding, but I will not lean on you. Regardless of how this turns out I know you're a sellout. And its time to find something to make us happy. And you know what, I wish, I fucking wish that just one time I could move you and make this real to you... because you've been so distant for so long.
Do you think we can see the expanse from this single spot? Do you think you can save me from myself when the razors sing and everything is fading? The stratus is calling and I have time to kill underwater waiting for your scream. We'll drown it out together and leave the corpse tattered and null on the dock before you wave goodbye as I set sail. Leave my body behind and I'll abandon all of you who have let me down. When the sun sets will you let the horizon drown me out? Engulf this sorrow in alcohol as we scream ourselves apart.
Night night

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