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The Ring In Return
12:40 a.m. 2005-03-29

The premonition post dated. A spherical embodiement of reincarnated past evils. Manifest these scars into picturesque memories dictating your trauma in paper and pen. Paint the walls to suit your eyes as the redemption withers beneath regret and crowded halls. Overlooking the city from the junction of concrete the resurrection occured twice last night. And come tuesday I will miss you more. And its setting in again. In the moments after your line went dead the bliss created the outline of a hope. And ever since I've been dying to hear the tone. Strange fates for the wicked and the ring in return that employed cataracts and youthful ignorance bred through heartache. I will long for those headlights to drag the lake closer to your doorstep. For this, this is the sound of inevitability resounding in the resonating haunt residing in the wires. Lift up your sins in exaltation for the revenant to devour and leave you pure in excess. Deny the desired result through implosion and self discipline. It will come out some how

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