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Counsel of One
12:13 a.m. 2005-03-28

In return for your undying selfindulgence...
THere is nothing here, this room filled with greetings and goodbyes. THere is nothing in these words nothing significant or important. Nothing powerful. Nothing meaningful. In the wake of calamity the silence was a sensation and the walls spilled blood. And I wish you meant nothing. TOnight I left his house and sat in my car. Fighting the unprovoked tears and the urge to just drive away, I realized that I want a clean slate. I want to go where you wouldn't find me... but dear you don't try to look anyway. Is it fair to say that I am looking for a place where no one knows my name, because then I wouldn't be faced with this kind of apathy. Someone save me; someone slit my fucking throat. Each night it comes down to suicide or sleep. These fingers shiver and the absence of redemption or a hope for salvation spills the dream all over the floor. Sweet dreams

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