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1:05 p.m. 2005-03-24

I hope your blood is spilt as the sky and I hope that you're mouth met his in something beautiful. And to be honest I hope you're in love with him because anything less would make this a collossal waste of time. A fragmented sobriquet, a tragic strand of hair that fell in correlation and grace with flawed perfection across your tired face. And gorgeous fucking eyes. Lately i've been remember the pose you stuck just before my world collapsed in adoration. A collection of memories arrayed in catastrophe and splayed across my wall. Imagine yourself as one of them. Beyond hoping and faith your conviction is driving this logic and our incessant alteration won't cease your ramblings. So ramble on. Why do you believe you have to be right? Because there is beauty in error. All that aside your face lit up the room and you were not one of them. You never were. And when your heartbreaks it will cover this world in tears and regret and the shame he felt will justify anything. I hope you die in his arms. An existential confession at the base of this river as you wrap your arms around me I will expect some facet of my life to be altered. And you have changed me, I promise. YOu didn't break me you didn't kill these cells. So its not how we expected it would be as he breaks your walls I'll know that at least it wasn't me. Liar. Disaster. Dear. Fight against time and place and convenience all you want, I'll be waiting against the wall in the alley off the parkway with deliverance and forgiveness. Your solace was my suicide but I'm better now, I promise. And someday you'll wish you had been stronger. I promise. Besides, its not like there won't be anything after this moment We live only to see tomorrow and the quivering belief that this next moment will exist, that these words will continue, that love will last, that is what keeps us going. When the pen runs dry and the sky falls apart your flames will be eternal dear. Fuck you Sweetheart

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