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1:07 p.m. 2005-03-24

A strained account of leverage and a ploy to bring them in. A strangled breath and a noose waiting. A river of sallow dreams waxen and conspiratory in constricting waves. Choke me down. Two men in blood and pain and a nightmare embodied in flaxen hair and brilliant features. Coalescent in feature you are the blood running from guilty hands as the apathy sets in. Suffocating sense of pending as the words weigh you down. Abscess gathering in a localized anesthetic as you puncter the wound with incisions bred in the black plot of callow fractured limbs. Ectopic in nature you are an abject humiliation and every word will split the schism wider. Now I'm in your head. Precise laceration of an innocent heart the offender scraped by with justification and a refusal to listen to you. I am dying. The ominous shape manifest outside your window in concrete hallucinations is this delusion perpetrating your worst fear? Someday soon you will collapse in greivance as the tears demand pitance. I will kill you. Did you hear me? I will kill you all. Fragrance indented in the folds of your silk as the dress whispers of ruin as the tremulant fingertips wain in time as the distress sets in. An impression made in flesh with the resonance of a fatal blow. Crush your conspiracy underfoot with malevolent soul and a repetion of conviction. Your Faith was misplace. Intentional scars shaping stars and the faint resemblance to your eyes. Carve out your territory through nails pressuring flesh; write your name on my chest and I'll never forget. In quiet moments the haunts are waiting and beneath the walls the scars are wailing. Cicatrize this tissue with your mind and the indentured heat of the enslaved hearts you keep enraptured. You are the Heartbreaker.

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