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10:27 p.m. 2005-03-15

Numb fingers and a dyslexic selfimage, a contoured retribution as the state sets in. You are going numb. "Say you weren't cool, say you were fine... say you weren't tough enough, strong enough for my love" She's dying in your arms as you laugh the night away. And I wish you weren't so critical but lets just face the fact that this may never happen and the resonating chords may be all thats left in the fading light. Blistered fingers and tainted words as you destroy this image with a poignant lie. You will not be blamed and I have a feeling its burning. Lately your pictures aren't beautiful and there is no remnant of the girl i fell in love with. Back and forth across a starlit sky your desperation was weaving its fingers through our skin. Grass on our backs and laughter dying on lips this is all it will come to and you are trying to paint a perfect picture while i capture the flash with imperfect, useless words. Your heart in my hands and you've taken it back and left me standing alone in the dark. I'm whispering a quiet goodbye and the look in your eye promises that its over. Under the covers you are disappearing and the pictures hanging high are not helping. Why did you have to die, why did you have to let me die too? Fuck you, I'm fucking inconsolable

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