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11:06 p.m. 2005-03-14

Next time we swore it would be right and we would make everything perfect. And how does it feel to know that you're the reason that I walk those streets alone. How does it feel to know that after all of this i'm still writing letters to you? The only beautiful thing was the way you felt and you don't feel a thing anymore. "it was fear of myself that made me odd..." You say its just how we work and it isn't, it really isn't. So what if I've always hidden and passed those chances by? This time I'll make it work and this time will you change too? We're not asking for second chances or a promise to hold you to, we're looking for an opportunity to make it all disappear in a dazzling shade of blue. Flash that light one last time, one time for hope... one time for a place we'll call home.
And I want you to know you don't mean anything to me
And I want you to know you mean everything
And lately the idea of you fascinates me
I'll keep you covered in canvas and we'll go from there.
Its a ritual so to speak and this hiss of your nails on my skin will not be denied this one last time

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