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12:38 a.m. 2005-03-05

And it isn't much but every opportunity is stellar. Without you. Standing across these streets eyes locked and flashing headlights can't stir this glare as the moon is a last resort so are you. A silent night and the phone call across this plane will be representative of all the things you never did and the plans we never made. And the ones we drew up so extensively. You are alone, in the headlights, in the moments when the songs are switching and everything seems bleak, you are completely, utterly totally alone. You just remember that next time you're feeling close. This fucking static and the overhanging 'history' that declines reply as the bulbs flash, this fucking two hour drive past your house over and over again to no ends. This is a constant struggle against your will to be loved. The stars are watching you dear. Your time is ending with a resounding collapse as implosion becomes imminent and you won't say a FUCKING word. Stop hurting yourself and stop letting them hurt you. "smile for the camera sweetheart, i really wanna immortalize this moment."

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