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12:26 a.m. 2005-03-04

Love. As the boards bend under feet the sounds of perfection are inconsolable and this is transcendant. Bruises and blood aside it was a good night and nothing can change that even these desperate words. WHen i tell you those words, its not a hint not a request, but if you need it i'm there for you. And sometimes you don't need anyone, like her, and sometimes you just want certain people, like her. All i know is i'm here for you and its not asking anything just an offer because i love you. And I swear i'll never mention it. And just so you know your few words tonight made it complete, in their simplicity and their sincerity.
"this has been the best night of my life" Streetlight Manifesto
I just don't know
Goodnight Neverland

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