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One Last Time
8:14 p.m. 2005-03-02

Split seconds and your last chance. Figure it all out in perfect moments as you take the snapshot to remember it by. A clarity of vision as the blur slips past your fingers and the feelings are out the window. Burn the edges of the page in rememberance. A flag is waving and there is no wind... there is no wind to speak of. Caveat emptor to all who enter here. Your eyes in a split second as the train came by half second late. Vaugaries and your unsung love songs that are lacking in verse and rhyme. A subtle jab as the knife dulls on the long walk home. Can you feel the urgency? If these were my last words what would you do with them? I've gotten what I came for. If you were a dream then you stared out perfect and now you're just haunting. With minutes left everything feels safe and everything feels rushed and there's so much more to say with no time to say it. You are fading, right before my eyes i can see you disappear. Everything that was ever new and wonderful has turned to ash in your hands as you steal it. Your lies turned to dust on your tongue and you have nothing left to say. If you just had minutes left what would you notice? The smells the tastes the beauty of this ending and the chaos surrounding. In your words I found hope and now there is nothing nothing nothing. Can you feel the desperation? In the colors floating in front of our eyes we find assurance of life, shut them tight and drown it out. Blame it on instinct blame in on coincidence fuck your rules and your contradictions and the way you shrug off guilt. Let it cripple you to feel more alive. Feel our blood run as the waves of pressure endure and a cigarette to remember the burning. All it was was a feeling and its fragility was beautiful. Can you feel the details?
No, you can't, you never could and now you'll never get a chance

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