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9:30 p.m. 2005-02-28

Antipathy revolves around your sphere and the stringent mirror image contained in this verse and this blade. Your version of conformity was tainted with bitterness and a fear of the world. We're all running scared and you're just trying to be graceful about it. There is really no answer and why do i keep coming back to suicide? Its a revloving door and you are the hinge keeping me trapped and smiling. Fuck you. Prove to me nothing, you always took the same way and the two of you are exactly the same, the way you try to have it all and honestly i'm not afraid of being hurt. Forever and after this will be a continuance. Margaret Ann you are breaking me into pieces, not with your absense or your place in my life, but through your fucking indifference. Sprightly you stand and your eyes are elsewhere and all the signs are reaffirmations of the truth that I have grown so familiar with and sometimes the unspoken is just as important. This isn't important and these words don't matter, forgive tonight

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