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12:06 a.m. 2005-02-20

There are no certainties, no promises you can make to fix all of this. There is nothing to replace the feeling and nothing to change the fact that I am second best. And I don't owe you a thing. Inside, a whispered verse to save our souls as hearts beating in tandem create a fact and a barrier between us. I know that in the silence between chords you are still breathing and its not for me. A million signs cast across a night sky to create patterns in the stars proclaiming a design that is above all of you and me and if karma is real what did i do to deserve this? Write the chorus and sing it over and over and over again and I know that upon hearing it for the first time, there will be nothing to change, and all the words can't make an impression. I just miss knowing you. On the highway the headlights are glaring and tempting and are you daring me to do it? Because I swear I will. And all these negatives, the black and white imperfections in the grain, all of this is rooted in caring too much for someone who will never feel the same way. And I'm not blaming you. I promise I'm not blaming you and I promise to never expect anything of you again. So... I gues you could say this is all my fault because why can't i turn this off and its starting over and I am dying inside every night and I wish I knew what could save me, because I will not ask for help.
Good Night moongirl

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