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We'll make it out together
6:07 p.m. 2005-02-15

So you say you want to hear it all... spin this voice on the fucking radio
Beyond your complications and reasons there are hearts waiting to be broken and spiraling affairs that burn at the wick as the atrophy of your distance sets in. You are so complicated and you are so closed. Like the dreams we shared in waking and upon closing our eyes nothing was real and are you waiting to hear the truth? They said we wanted something all consuming and you lied when you said that things wouldn't be perfect. There are no accusations here, no faults no blame. This is me with your fragrance on my jacket and that was you walking home. What will he look like with the stress of waking fresh on his eyelids and you know he trusts you. Spill across this canvas all the beauty of your eloquence and the words loaded with meaning. Sing out your transgressions and traverse this blade with the footsteps we made. Mark the martyr with wreathes of roses as the rivers flow on. Sorry i hurt you. "oops i OD'ed." Sorry that this isn't what you always wanted. To be sure i'm not apologizing to make this easier, and hey lets play the game where we read each other and pretend that they can't see through us. So lately everything is making sense and i'm doing just fine. There was the vaguest hint of excitement in the way you looked at me. Here, let me spell it out. You're his and I will never be a part of that, the brand is on your shoulder and you would not shrug it off. In these texts there is interpretation and a mild confusion as the emotions traipse neverending. It was unclear to me exactly what made you smile so broadly or walk away so quickly. And maybe I want you, but I know I can't have you and maybe it was wrong but I do not regret it and I do not think it means so much. Come on, come on lets have a heart to heart when you have time because lately it seems like things just keep on getting left unsaid.

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