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I can't be sure
12:40 a.m. 2005-02-13

So come on why can't you just help this out? How about you stop being so damn beautiful? anyway...
You were just a girl till the day i fell and then you changed me for good. To tell you the truth i'd love to blame all of this on you but that's cheating isn't it? And its been a while since i heard those words that made you so beautiful. Besides, he's singing the same words for different girls every night. But i wanted to say that i'm sorry. For hurting you with all the things i say, i know that I'm not making this any easier. But Diane I swear someday i'll kiss you like it or not and couldn't it ruin everything? I'll sit and wait for your call, hoping to hear you asking to see me, and when you do i know that i'll be terrified. Because I want to be alone with you, but I know i can't touch you or taste you and I'm afraid of what i'll do. But when we're with all of them i wish they'd disappear so that we could talk. Whatever.
I'm convinced that i love the idea of you more than who you are now... all your pictures are faded and the images are ugly. But i love the memories we have, the kisses and the way it felt to lay next to you, and that's what i miss. I miss the way you used to make me feel and I'm wondering if anyone will ever make me feel that way again. I think i know that it will never be exactly the same, but instead of wishing to go back to that, I think i can be excited to see how they'll make me feel next time around. So maybe i do have mood swings.
Lets get this over with
Lets give it a try and see what happens but i'm not ready for the consequences so good night goodnight goodbye

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