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IN your backyard
12:43 a.m. 2005-02-12

Come on dear, just admit we ruined this. Was it fear of the consequences or the color of his eyes? What do you tell your friends when you're alone? What do you tell yourself when you're alone? Lets go lets go just try and explain this one last time and we'll see where it goes. How can you smile when you say that? It was never a question of means it was just holding on and on and on. So, so I guess you held out while i was falling out and the lines written are so pointless. "why can't i feel anything from anyone other than you..." A thousand times i tried to tell you exactly how i felt, and all of it fell apart. So, so now you're laughing and i'm ten steps away. "I stay wrecked and jealous for this, for the simple reason i just need to keep you in mind as something larger than life." Its not our fault its not your fault. Why can't we just forget this? Why won't you let me forget this...

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