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I don't think that you know what you've been missing
9:44 p.m. 2005-02-11

Creep past the dream of this silently slumbering nightmare as the grotesquerie awakens in cacophonious resonance and the monster in your eyes burns so brightly. Do you read these words? And do you find them so repetitive? The truth is you're exactly the girl i always thought you were and I wish now that I had listened to the voices that said these words have been uttered before. Take back every word you ever said to me, write them in a letter and send them to him, like you did for me before. Come on come on you know you meant it every time. Just stop wasting our time with your turn of phrase and the lies like kisses on your lips. We'll hold these photographs to our chests in nostalgia as the tears run up and down the pages of this notebook. Blur the words till their indecipherable as you whisper to him the same things i heard a thousand times. This isn't me being bitter. This is me questioning your motives. But its ok, its ok I promise because the person you are doesn't have to be the person i loved and I'm realizing that everything we had, all those things that I thought were unique and somehow transcending teenage romance, they weren't. All the wonderful words you spilled over me were nothing special, because you've said them before and you'll say them again. Doesn't matter though, i still love you.
Your call was not forthcoming and your names burned my lips.
Over and out Connecticut.

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