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We won't stand for
10:39 p.m. 2005-02-10

Portrayal of delusions as our hearts break in synch. You are slowly destroying the web that bound this together so tightly and after all we fought through its a terrible way to go. So maybe I'm blind and I have nothing to hope for and maybe we're all just dying inside as we wake differently each day but there is nothing haunting and all the devils and ghosts and evil things are in my mind. I don't need this horror these stories to scare me the fear is right up here and I'm slowly watching you burn away. Slow matches on a quick flame as the fire burnt bright we felt so alive and in the darkness afterwards we all seemed so similar, for the first time ever you and i can be the same person. Describe to me the effects of the trauma that broke your heart at the words and i will tell you the story of the tinted red starlight that keeps us up dreaming each and every night. I want to see inside your soul. Even in the leaving this can kill us "say yes say yes say yes say yes..." I guess that heartbreak is just something we all deal with. There's nothing you can do though, no matter how much you hate it. Give me ten minutes and I can turn your world into something beautiful but only you can make it last. Dearest I'm standing on the stairs and lately i've been wondering what you'd look like in a white dress dancing under a full moon. Can we ever be comfortable when the sound of his voice is so crass in comparison and even as the words prick our eyelids we are waking with the ideals that keep us moving. You have nothing without all of this. I have nothing except a book full of memories of her and the delusion that permits a dream of something new.
And to be honest I know that nothing will ever come of this and to be honest its times like these when the greatest thing is to be proven wrong.
And you know what, Where I Wanna Be is anywhere but by your side because I stood there and it brought me nothing. The memories are beautiful but I'll rest easier knowing your dead.
"You lipstick his FUCKING collar."

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