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Hows it gonna end?
9:21 p.m. 2005-02-07

Fragmented crystal perpetuations of delirium and joy. Do not doubt the sound of the voice whispering the words in your ear as you fall asleep. The quiet desperation in your voice was utterly beautiful and i am rendered a silent observer to the creation wrought through your hands. Stratus uplift us in the hum of your neon lights and the riveting facets of the stars above. Paralysis imbued by the sight of the girl. Wrap these bandages around your heart and move on smiling at the situation and the way her eyes were shining. LIke the bird in flight we are nothing more than our perception of self and you are something beautiful. Recreate this face to fit the image in your mind and I become someone different as you smile. Name them as you wish and they are who you imagine them to be. I have no inspiration excepting the reverence held for all of this and the way the crowds of people move so perfectly. Intermittent this isn't something particularly meaningful or enlightening these are just simple thoughts and I was wondering if you wanted to share them with me.

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