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10:36 p.m. 2005-02-04

Static curb to the sidewalk derailed. Junctional retrospection at the branches revisited. Side your existentialism on the wayward as the stars light up the sky and the night goes by and by. Outside your house the lights were brighter and the profession of emotion was dead. Acidic taint on this pefect harmony and the colors of her hair reflected in headlights as the end proffered exempt status to a diminuitive death and the constant reminder of inhumanity. Spread your screen across the blood-ridden revenant as the perpetuators revise our history to create utopia lost through paradise regained. Religious insistance at the leveled system the substructure is debased and the bugs are on alert. Umbilical link the torment of the lymbic stance that defines a cycle of endless night and continuous questions. In the absense of meaningful reminders of what we had i turn to nostalgia and a half forgotten time when things seemed better. Uncertainty a rebellion rejecting the principle of your smile. I will never change and I am alone. So you say to tell you the truth and I am.

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