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all of you
7:34 p.m. 2005-01-29

There were some things that i wrote tonight that i didn't have the heart to share because i don't think any good can come from them. I have them saved here and maybe you can see. I don't know what they mean i don't know if you will understand but maybe if you ask i could pour my heart out to you. We read the letters and composed the response but the envelope was sent back unopened. You are somewhere a million miles away and i hope you're having a good time. Because things will never be the way they are tonight. The words that they sang are echoing in our ears in remembrance of the times we shared in your basement pretending it was all that mattered. I don't think i'll ever see you again. But maybe time will prove me wrong or maybe we'll forget. Who knows, by the time i wake up this could all be different. I'm just holding holding on to all the things that i'd hoped for and then exterminated. Why do we destroy the things we love?

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