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10:19 p.m. 2005-01-26

The quartz behind your smile as we slip over this ice. Melt away the pain in return for the sake of a cancerous sign of malice and contempt. In return for this sense of relief i will fall breathless to the floor as you walk away, a final design that negates our interaction in a shade of melancholy and a perfect hint of tomorrow's fading twilight. Ring the line past your finger to refute this finality. Do you see that i am calling the stars again and again by name, just for you and there is nothing in. Stratus bare the cold wind blowing the sky apart as the ravages of this ill will scatter the sheets. Stain my walls with your lips so that when you are gone the haunting continues. Reflected in your eyes I see the things i'd hoped to hide. Don't you see that you scare me? You scar me. I can see you walking away tomorrow and forgetting them all and what scares me so is not that i might be one of the forgotten, rather i am terrified at the realization that this is something i am capable of. Portraits of reminicse engraved in the walls that betrayed our treason with hands as gentle as this spring rain. In the fires i see her holding me and maybe it could be something beautiful, something with out you. Bleed the dream dry as i stand waiting for something i've given up hope in. I am longing to walk this road and leave my footprints behind, the ones dug so deep from patience. I had the sudden urge to write 'i love you' with chalk on the sidewalk next to your house.

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