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Five silent miles
11:09 p.m. 2005-01-18

I think maybe you were right all along. And the lines drawn on the pavement were clear as they spelled out the message that went unspoken. Dictate the spell in whispers and murmurs that they ignored. I will tell you the truth this time. Things will not be the way we want them the timing was off and the web was too tangled. But i can give you what you need to sever this strand and revert. I can see clearly the distinction and it becomes clear that either you hurt or i hurt. You have too much pain, from them and from everything. So just tell me what you need. Because i see that to ignore the situation would be unbearable and i see that the only other way to stiffle it would be unfair and cruel to the both of us. I could try to cut you out but we would both suffer. So just tell me what you need

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