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THe Beastie
9:37 p.m. 2005-01-17

An affront revisited the site of the rite. This is the song of the dying as the dirge wails subliminally through airwaves. Cherish the scent of this last goodbye as she walks away smell her on your skin. Convert these broken verses with the conviction of the damned a hopeless sense reflected in the puddles that haunted you on the long walk home. Its so simple. Can you honestly look me in the eyes and say that these words aren't a depiction of everything you ever stood for and everything you hated. Apparation revealed in the haze of your drunkeness the truth lying in corners where the afflicted cry and pick at their skin. Vanishing whisps quick circle the rhuematic shaking of the tremulant as the mourning glory is revealed as the hoax that your nation has created. These borders are constricting and the noose is a rejection of reason and a profession of faith in the blatant lies of the massed congregation as the sanctuary crumbles but the church remains. THis has become about segregation. Just fucking dance and don't worry about them looking and it doesn't fucking matter if they're moving the same way you are. Why aren't we all just dancing?

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