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These are the fingers
8:40 p.m. 2005-01-18

Shuddering revision as the echoes fade and memory is caught mid metamorphasis. Wrap your hands around my neck my dear, the touch of you will wake this death and something hibernating inside is reborn through your skin. Did you see the way it changed? One would never have expected such tenderness from these eyes. A whisper and a feign. Sequencial renunciation of the values held near and the world is a cataclysm as it ends in pervasive malleable spirit. Do you understand? I am writing these words with the memory fresh and the fear is not ebbing. Twilight neglect. Dedicated to you. I can't remember what it felt before you brought it alive. Spiders in corners blinding the corneas what is the significance of this consequence and the tension between us. A palpable entanglement and is it getting harder and harder to ignore this impulse? Starve the soul as the mind wastes away. And i wanted to tell you that when you brought it up it was something powerful.

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