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I fucking love you all
1:27 a.m. 2005-01-16

Backlit stagefront the hum of this crowd mesmerizes and dulls these apathetic ears. There is nothing here worth enjoying. Entrance exam guard the doors and seal these gateways plastic cards dictate entrance. String these steps together to create something meaningful, something to tell our friends about the next day. Who are these people all around? DO i know you? Instantaneous redemption as the scape changes in a dazzle of lights and the spectral cry of reverb and digital creation. Suddenly we've all come alive. Look at them, the way they move, the serene synch of their bodies as this joy radiates through smiles. Look at the way he holds her close, confident yet nervous. Look at the way she moves, like the music is a part of her and the eyes on her don't matter. I loved to see you dance. Watch as the years and the hardness melts from her skin as she fades into this childlike glory arms open wide possessed. Look at the way the lights hit his face and make him glow, and look at how he's fading into the shadows, weaving this web of sound from the background while they ignore him. I wish you could understand. I saw the way they danced, side by side and i saw the way her hand touched his, hovering close bound by affection and free through this strange resilience that makes me fall in love with everything about all of you. Together yet apart they didn't need to touch to know that they were one. WHat does all of this mean and will i remember when i wake up? Right now it doesn't matter....

I fucking love all of you

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