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St. Mathew
12:00 a.m. 2005-01-15

Sui Generis, a modern-day juliet won't you come down from your balcony and share your smile with the world? Conditioned response to the rendering near of the glance at this perfection unearthing the apparatus created to distinguish lust and love. In exchange for your conspiracy... Secretions erased past the base cause of your secret banality, amoebia slips through this bail of used flesh and the parting clouds bleed sunlight through this filter. Condition your worship, design your deity in flame and alcohol. An ether of blurred clarity shimmer hazy through the mirror as the spectrum unlocks and the spectre lurks past the windows in evanescence and discontent. Unraveling the nightmare in distinguished concentration the false identity posed at the edge of the present suicide. You are the provocateur. Serene conflict echoing past the stadium encircling this city the walls of euphoria that encroached upon the logic of the depression reigning in veils. So what if i am struck at the oddest times by how beautiful you are? Pendant on your neck enfolds you. I guess what i'm trying to say is you surprised me and is it weird that i couldn't stop staring at your mittens?

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