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God dammit
6:37 p.m. 2005-01-15

So you claimed eternity. Mentiras y sangre. Lies crafted from the spilled blood of the innocent and the angelic as the child's face swelled. The sickness soiling the spoiled veins of your youthful flesh this acid intravenious deceiving the skin. Part these words to reveal sincere untruth touching in its coveted protection at the open door receiving. Verbal contraption unearth this device will you save me with your lies? As of yet there's been no indication of reality in the words that were whispered shiver to think and shuddering across these grounds the shadows stalking the cadavers of the naive and the trusting. Sign the letters in sighing scrawl typecast the future in the crimson shades of the flowing ink drenching paper and enclosing the flesh of your depravity.

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