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you'll be forgiven
1:25 a.m. 2005-01-09

A sign of weakness as you were cast out. Nod proclaimed as this translucent addiction spreads over your skin. Shattered in the rage of the iconoclastic our icons are in ruins. You would melt into the unknown 'sui generis' you aren't like all the rest, it would be a tragedy to see you go. Side step the whisper of the spacial graft inferring the rift that is growing beneath your flesh deconstructing this terminal system of reliance. Spread across this bed your tears are staining the stratus creating the novas of this contained sliver. Nebula discoloration of the eye and the outcast names himself. Fictionalized landmarks and the map is leading back to a beginning that has no existence. I am speaking of your faith. I am unconvinced and i am tragic and misunderstood and this is the lonely grave of amontillado. Upon the opening of this casket we will revere the dead and the dying will become symbolic of rebirth and the final manifestation of hope. I am so sick of you fading away. I am so tired of the empty air on the other end of the line. Progressive paranoia, declining sense of self these are the structures rebuilt at the fingertip end of the sphere. Subliminal disease fictional sickness salivate these fears the promotion of tremors as the comatose revist past lives and stenciled predictations of the the future outside. Lay awake and think of me whisper this thernody into the night air as the machines breath me. Through disconnecting i have become part of the things i've hated for so long. Reassemble me dear make me alive again and with the hum of the parts that facilitate movement let me become some semblance of the monster you always made me out to be... mathew... good night

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