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right past you
11:46 p.m. 2004-12-16

In purging sighs and the scene of stale smoke i will remember all of you. Standing at this edge heartbreaker can you see that the sun is shining inside of these beating hearts that are uttering you name? Nostalgia and memories of a day when you were perfect. Silent half-past secrets and shared glances that made everything so clear. I would share this realization with you if i could whisper in your ear while you were falling asleep. Lull the senses with tender words harmonizing with the rise and fall of your breast your every movement was a tragic reminder of the things i was failing to become. Strings connecting our past to the vibrant future that you've all but snuffed out. in a failure to recognize who you really are the headlights are reflecting off your face and creating blank spaces in the places i remembered were meaningful. "What if there's a spot on my body i can touch to keep me heart from beating?" all the more reason to never let them close to you. I guess it just doesn't feel right this charade and lately i've been reminded of the things i've given up for the sake of this art. Believe me that i say it. Once something's happened, you can make it mean anything you want. The past is a canvas and you are starting over again and again. Revisionist memory. I am waiting for the day when you can honestly say that it adds up to the same thing with me or without me. When you don't need me maybe you'll want me.

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