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I wish
12:21 a.m. 2004-12-05

Confessions laced with regret portray this avenue in a techincolor hue and despise the day she said forever and goodbye trying to repeat these descriptions over in my head a dying breed of starlit nights that reverberate in laconic sighs across the window covering your living room and delving deep into your soul. Lets just start things from the beginning the way they were supposed to be. Can you kill me? I just want to be something other than what i've become? Can you help me? Like the flames that consumed this house and everything i'd held dear you are destroying my sanctity and folding these feelings up into folded letters held close to your breast in life and in love i am waiting. You look so great standing next to him.. i hate you for that. I want you to know that i'll try to forgive but forgetfullness is a time consumer that fills up the void between waking and dreaming. In the dying twilight we are all perfect and the saphire of your eyes is welling up in my soul; everything that was good was waiting in the letters held close to your heart. Why are we living this way when a day after tomorrow might not come and there's no real reason to continue lying to ourselves.
Maybe things will work themselves out..

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