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Slowly defecting
11:21 p.m. 2004-12-02

So she stepped through shades of glass and the ashes at her feet were shadows of old regret and faded passion leaving no ardor and no devotion in the wake of the desolation. Her eyes are dull and there is no humanity waiting to be awakened behind these spheres of crystal and shards of embers piercing. Fingers glide over pale skin and pay homage to the knife hidden behind the perfect curves of an uncaring soul. We are standing together in the rain and I am waiting for the blood of betrayal to entertwine with the asphalt and become something more beautiful than I could ever hope to be.
And the worst part is the car barely stopped in time and I didn't feel a thing.
I hate that none of this matters... not lately... lately everyone feels distant and cold and i feel so detached. Trace your epitaphs in the sand as the tide comes in to erase your scribbles and realize the meaninglessness of your thoughts
-these letters to you

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