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Through tired nights
8:24 p.m. 2004-11-30

Fade this tragedy like slowing rain on the wilted rose i left on your front lawn. Obscure our insecurity in waves of bliss and euphoria dwelling upon the meaning of your smile. Can this be everything that we'd ever hoped for? In sleet and silent snow our hearts are reborn and you are trying to save everyone, but if i can i would save you. I do not want to be him, i do not envy him the taste of you. But perhaps the smiles would be more frequent if something missing was found halfway to heaven and spirited away in their hearts. There is no reason to waste away this way and nothing will ever be the same...
Can it be that I've lost you?
These fields are drenched in the iridescence of fresh snow and celestial mirrors reflecting our souls onto the sky above. In the quiet moments of this twilight I feel as though there is something out there something waiting for me. Footsteps trace the curves of your body and every step is a testament to the state that i am. Can you picture me? Huddled in scented smoke and obscure thoughts, trudging through this winter night with the grace of someone who has let go? "hitting bottom is not a weekend retreat" Can you see me under the streetlights passing by all of your houses? I wish you could see this as I see it, because my mind has twisted this scene into beauty and I don't know how to share it. You're sitting inside eyes glued to the TV set and all the indescribable beauty of the world is glowing around me in this cold night. Maybe someday we'll walk together in the silence of this perfection and everything will become clear and as old mystery fades the color of your eyes will become the stars as you are the eternity. Beyond good and evil, past our mistakes and deceptions... beyond misspoken words and misunderstood intentions we are waiting for things to be as pefect as the footprints in the snow that lead you on the path telling the story of my life.
I want to show you...

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