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11:35 p.m. 2004-11-28

Like a taint that fills me up and washes away my transparent hopes and delirium dries the tears i might have cried. Side step into this night snowfall cataracts knives scraping the surface of a dark world made bright by faith and purity. [God i wonder what this will look like years from now... what will i think then?] Beyond all measures our insanity lurks plunge syringe deep dark incessant logic that pours this addiction through crystalline veins and framented sensory awareness choke stop stagger out this door and to the point where they were waiting to watch you die. Fatal liquids that pulsate towards my insides target the vital organs and rip apart every inch of me... i can feel myself fading feel myself slipping i can feel myself bleeding and its pointless its all pointless. THey don't know notice you don't understand and how could you i never took the time to explain because i suppose i was just scared of the look on your face when you realized that everything wasn't alright. Beyond a whisper beyond a doubt i can see the sky but its falling down and the trees are burning and revelations never promised anything like this. I think i need help.. i think i need someone to listen but everytime they ask i stop talking and what's wrong with me? What's wrong with me... what's wrong?

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