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A short step from misery
6:56 p.m. 2004-11-27

Spill on me your regrets like hollow lies and a false sense of serenity whispering through your hair. Take the hope from my eyes and sprinkle wishes over your eyelashes as you lay dreaming. These thoughts are all for you and my time is wasted on whimsy and daydreams. Three moments past and three streets intersect to form this hallowed ground creating crystal paths lined with the roses you were too blind to see. My letter to you was written in crimson. Waiting on your front step as you walk past these hauntings are waiting to be heard and i am waiting for you to notice me. Then and now we are just waiting just hoping. I am nothing without the silent sigh of your voice and the reverberations of your eyes crescendoing through every inch of me. Please don't look at me... i'm afraid i might break and neither one of us wants me to tell you everything. And i am placed here so low on your list of priorities and i had your yesterday but he has your tomorrow and the future is so bright.
Can you even begin to picture something this beautiful? I just hoped you'd appreciate it and that it would make you want to cry like i do...
slice this blood from my veins and spill it over this blank canvas... with my last breath can i paint your world a whole new color? WHen the wall are painted crimson and the stains tell the stories of the times we used to have then i can die and you won't miss me as every drop of blood tells the story of a past tense history echoing through the stillframes lying shattered on your floors and your windows are jagged and outside the rain is flowing and falling and you're standing in the center of this room, your hair is wet and you are screaming that you want it to be the way it was before. But it will never be the way it was before. And maybe with the changing of the seasons you'll forget me. Hovering over your bed i'll listen to the words you sang and i'll catch the glisten of hope in your eyes as you gaze into the mirrors i've wasted so much blood on and i'll never ever regret making an end to this, not if, floating here, i can see you smile.

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