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The Same streets
12:21 a.m. 2004-11-26

Date this letter to three days past when everything was fine and you were something to be forgotten. Slide fast skid stop over frozen parkways that neglect to utter a word as we are revealed. Reveling in our insecurities we are trying to make ourselves heard and trying to make you see me this way is killing everything off inside of me. "in exchange for your conspiracy.." i have so much to say lately and no one to tell because you aren't calling me wanting to hear about all the things that i've been thinking and all the things i've been hoping for are erased in the glisten of gold straying from setting suns that collide to collapse our universes. (it was only a kiss) why does it matter so damn much who i am and what i want... none of this seems to matter tonight... nothing seems to matter lately.
I was sitting on a hill last night watching the city lights flare into novas of silent proclamations. And every light was a life and each one burnt out one at a time and the city was bathed in darkness. The wind stirred and a sense of serenity was fading away with the onset of such numbness and i was struck with the realization that this all feels so old.
So they stand together watching another perfect night naked to the world and naked to everything twinkling below. She was a liar and he was no better but the lies meant everything and the falling snow erased every taint of life lived too long and purity white as snow glistened in her eyes. And when she said that she was his that nothing else mattered there was nothing to do but smile because that was all he'd wanted. They whispered that they had all the time in the world, and hand in hand they set in determined to fly and to end another perfect night that had gone on for too long. Two lovers ending their lives at the perfect moment when everything felt complete and when it finally made sense. He said "i love you" and she said that there was nothing else to live for and the last night they spent together was perfect.

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