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what do we need
12:49 a.m. 2004-11-21

Another record set on repeat. These manifestos are clearing skies and soaring over airwaves to deliver meaning to the innocent.. and through our rebirth our purity is stolen in essence it doesn't matter... we are children of sin and through our transgressions we are made flesh blood and hope. I am not beautiful... but i am something genuine and confused. I am not the posterchild for goodness, I have never claimed to be a good person. But I can be. I can tell you the truth and i can create something beautiful. My desperation is the wind lifting the wings of broken angels and giving them second chances. I am the shadows that glorify your blaze. I will make you everything you ever wanted to be... and when its all over maybe you'll be better and i'll be dead and everything will be perfect.
I don't know if i really feel anything anymore.
To you,
On the burning of our houses we are forced to reevaluate everything we'd ever held dear and find the value of the memories held close to our hearts. Well, the pictures of you are hidden away and we don't talk anymore. But i remember you, and i remember you fondly. I remember your smile, the way the sun played on your face. I remember the feel of you. I remember that we were in love. I'll read your old diary entries and style my emotions nostalgic. Reading what you wrote makes me remember, it helps me recall that we really were in love. And there's no lost hope here... because i think that maybe we'll never have that back. But i still think we might and i won't bother hoping for it because right now it doesn't matter and it'll be the last thing on my mind until the day.
i never meant to become your whole world.

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