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5:59 p.m. 2004-11-20

wait now.. please don't walk away... when will you believe me... why can't i just show you, when will all of this make sense? Or are you just going to paint this black and burn the letters explaining everything? I swear to god i was thinking of you the whole time... i swear it... what do you expect of me after all of this. I... i can't stand to know you're not listening, will you please just... please just look at me. I hate the way she tasted but this is too much to take. Take... just please just take a second to try and understand. We've all done this... we've all tried to let go... you have. I know you have. you told me. you fucking told me everything. i can't believe this is happening... not again not when everyhting was finally finished falling apart. and look... look up i swear i swear there's something out there... its waiting for us all... will you let me find the answers to the questions yet posed? Will you let me go... fucking let me go... i-i i don't know know what to do about all of this... i don't know how to make it ok... i don't know how to say i'm sorry... i guess there are no apologies this time... dear god why is everything turning out so horribly... so this is what its all been leading up to... i was hoping for something more... i was hoping that in the end everything would feel finished... fuck all my expectations. fuck you

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