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I guess
2:38 p.m. 2004-11-18

cleave this sky with unmotivated sounds of personified depression as our voices boom out apologies and farewells. Underlining the frown on your face is the sense of resentment that is creeping down your collar to enfold you. This is self serving and cheap but i can't stop the feeling that maybe you deserved this. The only thing that i know is that you never meant the same thing to me. And the shade of blue and gray that colors the sky outside my window today is something similiar to the color of your eyes the day you said goodbye. It was the consequence of all our actions that ruin this painting with the sense of foreboding that waits outside on the front porch. Your confidence washed over me like warm water and broke every dream i'd had for us... after all it was just wishful thinking to imagine that you'd have the time for me. I never swore to you that i'd be there forever, or maybe i did, but right now i can promise you that until i change my mind i won't even remember you. How does it feel to know you're everything that is hurting me? Lightning forks across passive skies to color radiance over the dead plain. At sunset the trees are fading away into imagining and forevers drenched in rays of dying light. As we stand together on the edge of this water the whole world couldn't shake us. But you let go of my hand and there was nothing i could do as you turned and walked away.
I guess this is it between us.

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