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Live it
9:38 p.m. 2004-11-07

In reclusion our hearts are null and nice work and words you said were unintentional but i made a promise that i intend to keep. I guess the truth is i'll love you forever and there's no shame in that. But our nightmares were nothing without the hint of reality that colored hope in between the lines. Cataclysms on Valentines Day. Count these days... one two three four. I'll keep track of the days that you've been gone and the days since you left me were not a one. you are gone but you never let me down. And i swear i won't let you hurt me, and i hope that helps because its love plain and simple. Maybe someday i'll be with you and i promise i won't have to try to forget all the other lips you've kissed, because it won't matter. You'll never have to make anything up to me. And i still hate sex. You don't owe me a thing and that is why this love will be perpetual even as it takes the backward forecast to a reoccuring tomorrow. And someday i'll show up at your door and wait for the bus to bring you back to me. I'll hold you close and tell you goodbye and maybe i'll look different and you'll laugh. Cross red redunandcy of term and fire storms in the sky remind us that we are living in a world of inconsistant perfection but the gaps don't matter and the fireworks are something of a travesty for their beauty. 99 dreams i have had and in every one... a glimpse of you holding a red balloon because artistic references are something of a rarity these days.
Love it

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