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7:01 p.m. 2004-11-01

Misunderstood our relationships were wreckages of broken hearts and ruined love letters
..-in exchange for your conspiracy-.. We would recreate these lives, attempt to shudder aside past endeavors in exchange for second chances and miraculous changes that occur in our sleep. While you were dreaming i was losing my sanity and upon waking could you even recognize me? I'm shortchanged and fresh out of situational evidence to prove my innocence and lately it seems like we're just caught up in games of who is more clever and frankly i was always the one losing because you're so much smarter than i ever was. Ordinance approved this ship is going down. Break your fingers wrap this rage like flesh around tired shoulders and i will pretend i know nothing of the consequence.I will dream of a hallowed tomorrow full of raindows and broken glass. I will.... is it so much to ask i just want to come out the hero this time instead of another broken promise. Dearest appolo i'll be burning start 4

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