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10:46 p.m. 2004-10-27

As they lay together the snow outside is a parade of transparency, careening through black skies, and they are warm. Tracing the lines of her face and running your hands through her hair, knowing that everything you ever wanted is reflected in the depth of those eyes. Life is the way the candle light colors her skin and the way her lips taste. Living is the tangle of the sheets around your legs and the sweet exhaustion of an eternity spent in bliss. The arrogance of everyone else is lost to the outside and the impotence of so many insignificant events is lost in the tension melting from her legs. What's it like to be warm, knowing that i'm walking outside in this snowy psuedoworld, pondering life and professing this existentialist bullshit that i've resolved to rely upon. What's it like to be in love, and do you wonder if i'm wondering what you're thinking as you lie wrapped in his arms? Do you spare a thought to the outside world or have you given up on worrying as you....
Weaving wind through your hair as these skies gray. Cast your shadow across this concrete sculpture that is stretching on through the midnight with all the curves of your body. Bleeding under streetlights we feign existence and resolve that tomorrow everything will be different. And the redundency of all of this is lost in the passion of the moment, but everyone else is pointing and laughing, knowing that its the same repetition of phrase. Bundled up in sweaters and my jacket you are an angel with rosy cheeks and frosty breath. We're laughing and you're singing and we're standing at your front door and i'm wondering what it would be like to feel this every night. And the chill of this wind is evaporating as your warmth fingers its way across my chest and your hands are everything i ever wanted. We're standing at your door and i'm looking at your eyes and i swear to god someday we'll be standing on those docks and the sunset will kiss your hair and everything will be perfect.
And how many times have i sworn that someday things will be different?

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