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One two three four
2:42 p.m. 2004-10-27

In the tour of your mind there were pillars of blue and gold crimson crystalline persuasion is the sin that leads me to your heart and the taste of your lips again and again. Your love is my sin and my weakness is my betrayal. Beneath these eyelids lurks dreams of you. If you weren't with him would we be together. Don't know why it matters anyway, we haven't been the same in months and standing next to you doesn't create any feelings. Because its not through perceptions of a summerridden tomorrow that i remember you its the way we used to talk and that was always the most important thing wasn't it? Regardless your pictures aren't covering these walls, i gave that up long enough ago and today its so easy to put all that behind me. In the crush of bodies and this sea of tranquility your tense hyperactivity was so utterly out of place and that's what made you beautiful. I guess i'll just watch you dance your skirts aswirl and maybe someday all of this will become clear and we'll reach some kind of concrete decision as to who we are and who we're supposed to be. But for now none of it matter i am alone and these addictions are calling with purity and when you need something it doesn't matter the consequences right? And maybe this is the first time i've needed anything. Maybe i need this. So fuck you

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