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6:36 p.m. 2004-10-24

Its a blasphemy to say we're unhappy. In these tides lives are born, unrelenting and all of this was so unintentional. Can't you see that this wasn't meant to be and that we were never meant to go so far and nothing you think will make a difference. After all the color of your eyes is fading in my memories and all these pictures are black and white and you were always prettiest in color. I'm not something to ignore and i'm not something that anyone loves enough to mention and i'm not somoeone who wasnts you to love me because no one should have to go through that ever again and all of this is awaste of time. I was standing on the corner and you were driving by i thought maybe you would notice me but you didn't you never did. I was hoping you could see the tears that liquify behind these eyes and paint this world a perfect shade of tragedgy but something fooled you and you laughed and said it was alright.....
If you forget me maybe i'll be able to disappear

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