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So i can't write
11:45 p.m. 2004-10-17

Night time is your regrets manifest in this celestial backdrop that mimics heartbreak in the twinkling of stars. And its funny how everything before this hurt so much more and this cuts so much deeper. How can something so painless be so bloody? Maybe i've lost my voice or my touch but lately i get the feeling that no one needs me and the liberation is terrifying. Phonecalls have become some kind of nightmare and nightmares have become your voice at the end of line. Sporadcially my thoughts jump back to you and its always mixed emotions. And i suppose you're just too busy to make time and i guess she's moved on..because why not? With your withdrawl i'll lose the last part of you that left any proof that you'd ever even existed. And when none of you exist to me... am i alive? We're all so fucking reliant

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