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He's missing his bathroom
11:08 p.m. 2004-10-06

I am the inconsistant conscience resting on your shoulder. I am the bittersweet taste of regret tainting this meal. I am the euphoria that draws your blood through steel tubes, razor sharp and cold. I am the disease that ruins you. I am the ache that cripples you in your youth. I am the voice that drives you past the brink and down that road alone. I am your constant companion in the night, beneath dirty streetlights and in the glare of passing lights i am your companion. I am the death of your enemies and the torment of your lovers. I am every emotion that ever cut too deep, i am every hint of despair and deception. I am the contrast between black and white. I am the cigarette on your lips, creating your cancer as i save you from suicide. I am the smoke you exhale, in beauty and pain. I am the pain that brings you to your knees and i am the gift that rises you up. I am destruction, i am ruin, i am everything you ever needed and every last thing you ever hated about the people around you. I am the essence of who you are and who you wish you were and who you hate seeing yourself become. I am the blur at the corner of your eye, impending disaster traipsing across your wallpapered walls. I am the haunt of Rula Gueste. I am your dream your exctacy i am the one you've been trying to throw away. I am your addiction and your fear of reliance and everything you never could tell yourself. I am every lie that passes your lips like silk and shadows. I am your beginning and your end. I am jakob's withered reflection
... and i am the cliche that brings smiles to your lips and dismissal to mind as you turn away from the screen smirking.

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