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12:40 a.m. 2004-10-02

This skew of delirium that trickles its way down your neck is ablaze with lost passion and numbing sensations of blurred grief and tense conversation. In the twilight of your passing headlights i am the dark hero that you can't kill even with all my burning need to be extinguished. And at the hint of a tear all of this is washed away into tranquil seas drifting over forgetfulness and repetition. In the words you spoke there was a long pause that signaled the end of you and me. Past our resolution there is no hope for a pure snow in the mornings and i have no reason to breath. Draw this razor to my lips and cease to speak as you whisper my broken dreams into deaf ears sweetheart. I am the fragmented remanents of the boy you always wanted and in these shattered pieces there is a mishapen reflection that represnts what all of this used to mean to me. And in your ignorance i am laid bare and your nakedness is not appealing and you can't understand a single word i'm saying... can you? I just need someone to know who i am without having to ask. Because so far this has been nothing but disappointment traversing these shores. Every face passes with a look of concern and petrified excuses that never amounted to anything... if you loved me you'd save me but your on the docks watching me drown, pretending i'm walking on water...
fuck you

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